Talent management – video

Talent managementTalent management

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.

In this Bizcouch series, Holst Group Managing Director, Iain Chalmers, is interviewed by Kate Russell (BBC’s Click) about talent management, psychometric testing and running a SME.

Watch this brief video about how to support managers to lead their teams effectively.

Iain Chalmers, the McQuaig Psychometric System - Talent managementAbout the Author: Iain Chalmers is the Managing Director of Holst (distributor of the McQuaig Psychometric System). To contact Iain email him at iainchalmers@holstgroup.co.uk or find him on Linkedin.

To find out more about the McQuaig Psychometric System visit www.mcquaig.co.uk or call 0203 111 9292



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