Square pegs in round holes?

How many square pegs do you have in your business? Do you sense things aren’t quite right but are not sure where to start?

Often teams are built around successes – secure a big contract; solve a tough problem; win an industry award – but can you be sure they’ll do it again?

Successful teams are built by mixing people’s strengths. Every team needs a natural leader, someone who will keep them on track and someone who can make decisions. Equally, the team needs a detail-oriented person who will help add weight to decisions with fact and figures.

A lot of strengths can be identified ‘at source’ by uncovering people’s natural behaviours. You can identify strengths to increase the chances of a team being successful over and over again.

If you use The McQuaig System™, the Word Survey® will identify why some natural behaviours work better than others in your organisation. For help building successful teams contact your McQuaig Consultant for guidance.

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