Smooth sailing with behaviours?

When recruiting, there are three steps:

STEP 1 : The Handshake – how do they appear
STEP 2 : The CV – what they claim
STEP 3 : The way they Behave – will they fit into your world and organisation?

… more businesses are now ensuring they do STEP 3 … and realising that previously they were recruiting on ‘the wing’ !

In business there is always the challenge of ‘taking a chance’.

In Sailing, it is far more serious to take such a chance!

H.W. (Bill) Tilman, the war hero and gentleman sailing adventurer eventually came to the revelation:
‘I have long since given up trying to assess a man’s character by his appearance or his behaviour at a brief interview, and in consequence of numerous errors of judgement have often lamented, like the hapless Duncan, that “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face.”

(The Last Hero – Bill Tilman: Auth: Tim Madge – Hodder & Soughton)

Happy Sailing!

Better Recruiting!