SME ‘invested our money well’ with McQuaig

Ashley Law Mid Sussex found unexpected results when they used the McQuaig Psychometric System for the first time.

“Getting the right person for a pivotal role within our small, close knit team was a daunting task” says Associate Partner Derek Evans. “As a small business we always need to avoid the costs and the pain that comes from a poor recruitment decision.

Derek Evans, Associate Director

“We needed reliable insight into the people we interviewed to give us a full picture of their skills, experience, competencies, personality, and aptitudes that went beyond the basic information gleaned from a CV and initial interview. It was important for us to select the best candidate, right first time.

“We approached Richard having met him at a members meeting run by Gatwick Diamond Business to assist us with pre-employment testing of our shortlisted candidates. We had previously used psychometric testing for recruitment in the past but Richard’s enthusiasm and clear explanation of the value of the McQuaig Psychometric System tempted us to try them out.

“Richard worked hard to ensure that our tests were setup and communicated quickly to our shortlisted candidates. The reports we received by return provided an unexpected depth of insight and Richard personally followed up each report with a telephone briefing on how to interpret the report data.

“The reports also provide suggestions for further structured questions at a follow up interview to assist us with probing any areas of concern or indeed issues we had not previously considered.

“We believe that we invested our money well when choosing to use Richard help us with recruitment and that we obtained vastly improved predictive power to aid our selection process. Richards’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge also made our experience even the more enjoyable”.

Richard Griffiths, Associate for the McQuaig Psychometric SystemRichard Griffiths is an Associate of the McQuaig Psychometric System (distributed by Holst). You can contact Richard by emailing

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