Search for a Star – part 3

Search for a Star (Part 3) - the McQuaig Psychometric SystemDave Stent continues our series on what you can do to make sure your next hire is the right hire

Reprinted from ‘Winning Edge’ magazine from the ISMM – January/February 2012.

The generally accepted ‘honeymoon period’ for a new member of staff is 90 days – which is quite a long time, so if you do not actively manage this introduction the person will probably leave before it is completed – and it’s usually the good ones that walk away fastest.

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The first 90 days of an employee’s tenure are critical. Inducting and welcoming the right person is not just about the skills, knowledge and experience match, but also the attitude/temperament match.

How often have you experienced taking on the new employee – the right fit from the skills, knowledge etc. for them to leave within the first 90 days because ‘they just didn’t fit in’? Was it that their way of doing things did not fit in with the organisation’s way of doing things – or did the organisation simply fail to make sufficient effort to make them feel part of the team?

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Dave Stent is an Associate of the McQuaig Psychometric System (distributed by the Holst Group). The McQuaig Psychometric System is easy to use, online and written for non-psychologists.

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