Say goodbye to your baby boomers at your own risk


There’s a mid-term threat looming on the horizon.  It’s also – as they say -an opportunity.

The baby boom has almost worked its way through.  50% of the UK workforce are going to retire in the next 15 years.  The number of workers aged 55+ will grow by 47% in the next eight years.

So now is exactly the time we ought to be thinking about new ways of flexible working – an idea that got column inches for a year or so then disappeared.  Given possible threats to pensions, do most of those middle, middle age people really want to give up work for good ? Will they be able to?

From the organisational side, do we really want to lose all this experience and leave our business in the hands of smart, risk-taking youngsters?

Think about mentoring, part-time and project engagements with some of these people.  You’ll have a more diverse work force, a more flexible cost base and a different way of looking at how your organisation is structured.

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