Round Pegs – Round Holes

Round Pegs – Round Holes

How many square pegs have you interviewed when what you really need is a round one?

The McQuaig Job Survey™ enables you and your managers to produce an accurate job profile for a vacancy. The Job Survey helps to define the behavioural, rather than the practical requirements of the job, which can be very difficult to describe.

A lot of time is often spent defining the tasks and duties of a job but it is also important to establish the type of behaviour that will assist a candidate succeed in that job.

McQuaig is designed to get the best out of your team. It identifies strengths and avoids situations that may not suit a person’s natural behaviour that can lead to stress. As with most companies, staff retention can be difficult especially with high-pressure roles.

That’s why it is important match the candidates to the behavioural requirements of the job prior to the interview so that you only spend time interviewing the round pegs.

We don’t employ robots. Personality has a large part to play, selecting and retaining effective people is crucial to any business. McQuaig does just that. Psychometric assessment will help you get round pegs in round holes.

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