Right Interim, First Time

The interim market has been described by the press as “buoyant” with an 11% rise in activity at the end of June 2010.  Other articles have stated that daily pay rates for interims has also increased by 4% for full time assignments which is indicative of the increased demand our strategic partners such as Herne Resourcing are experiencing.

Derek Wetter, Head of Herne Resourcing explained, “We are finding that companies are looking for short-term contracts to assist in critical HR and finance pieces from transitional programmes, to assisting in the recruitment of a new team for specific projects”.

The increased demand for Interims is led by today’s tough climate that necessitates companies bring in the right skill sets when required.

Organisations who use psychometric tests for interims can determine why a specific interim is right for a specific role. Whilst most requirements need to be filled swiftly, quality is important psychometric assessments can offer real value in many cases.

It’s not just the clients who can benefit – interims also benefit.  From how to handle questions when being interviewed through to getting a clear understanding of what roles they will suit – more importantly, those they won’t fit into for a number of reasons.  This is by no means a negative element, in fact, the interim can “play to their strengths” and that’s got to be good for the organisation.

Psychometric tests continue to be used by employers to support the career development of their staff. However, with the job market changing to one where skills are being brought in when required as supposed to increasing the workforce, the use of psychometric assessment tools is helping to get the right person in the right role – first time.