Reduce Selection Mistakes

Have you ever recruited someone who seemed ideal but turned out to be a real problem? Did they answer everything at interview as if they were perfectly suited to the job, but couldn’t perform when pushed?

To get real insight in to whether a candidate is suited to the job, four areas should be properly explored:
This is often knock-out criteria and needs to be checked.
Innate Temperament
Using a benchmark profile, assess the candidate to confirm they are temperamentally suited to the role.
The candidate should have the ability to learn at a pace that matches the job requirements.
Character/Learned Behaviours
In-depth interviewing is needed to build a picture of the candidate’s maturity, attitude, self-esteem etc.

By allocating time to each of these areas you will build a better picture of the individual, in turn reducing selection mistakes.

Psychometric testing can support the selection process by proving an objective base for the interview.