Give your team development training using psychometric assessment

There are three different development training programmes from McQuaig that use psychometric assessment to learn more about people, teams and candidates. They are Effective You!, Effective Teams and Effective Interviews and Selection.

Effective You! is a different type of development training. It uses scientifically validated psychometric tools to help you understand your natural, innate strengths. In other words, it helps you learn ‘what makes you tick’. When you understand this you can use your strengths to increase your performance and potential.

Effective Teams uses psychometric assessment too to help teams understand their teammates better. By ‘better’ we mean their strengths, their communication style, what people love about them and what drives others crazy. When a team knows this about themselves, they work together and perform better. This is development training that goes much deeper than traditional team-building.

Effective Interviews & Selection is practical development training for managers responsible for recruiting people into their organisation. It teaches an 8-step process to hiring great people and reducing the risk of getting it wrong. It will also give you an understanding of how employment law impacts what you can, and can’t ask, candidates.

These development training courses use reports from the McQuaig Psychometric System. This gives delegates something different to the norm. They will get to keep reports about themselves or samples of what they can use to recruit the next superstar into your organisation.

If you are looking for development training that builds confidence, high-performing teams and great interviewers then speak to us today.

Looking for other McQuaig Psychometric System courses?

We offer a full range of technical courses too including Level 1 McQuaig Certificate and Level 2 McQuaig Accredited Interpreter.

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