Psychometric testing is for life, not just recruitment… Psychometric Testing in 2010

Unemployment will continue to rise in 2010 and employers will try to hold on to their best members of staff. What should organisations look for when choosing a psychometric test?

Key points for 2010
•    Budgets will continue to be restricted so ‘bang for buck’ is critical.
•    Organisations will require psychometric tests that are simple to implement and easy for line managers.
•    Be wary of ‘free’ psychometric tests…
How do you manage your psychometric testing costs with growing unemployment? An inclusive plan that allows unlimited usage will help. As 100s of candidates start to apply for every role (whether suited or not) it won’t take long for your testing budget to be used up. Be kind to the FD – give them one budget for the whole year!
We should keep it simple and support the line manager. Line managers want quick, intuitive reports that are prescriptive, not descriptive. Avoid highly technical tests that require psychometric expertise – show them how to ‘drive the car’ not ‘fix the engine’.
Finally, ‘free’ tests on the internet are set to rise in 2010. An easy way to ‘check’ a psychometric test is whether it has been reviewed by the official association in the UK – Psychological Testing Centre (PTC). Click here for an example.
Summary and tips:
•    Unemployment is rising. Make sure you get ‘bang for buck’ by using an inclusive plan with unlimited   usage.
•    Keep it simple for line managers. Use quick, intuitive reports.
•    Make sure the test you are using has been review by the PTC.