Psychometric assessment goes beyond first impressions

Psychometric assessment goes beyond first impressions

After over 20 years of working with a psychometric system I still receive challenges from people who are convinced that they can simply judge a person by their appearance and presence.

While not doubting they play a part in whether you instantly like a person or not they can have little bearing on how they will perform for you in a job situation. The most successful conmen (and women) are likeable, charming and have admirable presence, they are good at achieving an instant bond with their victims and only after they rob you do you realise they are not who or what you thought they were!

When candidates attend an important job interview they prepare and rehearse, it is similar to appearing at a royal variety performance, they want to put on their very best show for you but what you need to know how they will perform on a miserable, cold, wet Monday morning in a couple of months’ time. You will not discover this from judging the bright and polished candidate who sits before you by their current appearance or presence.

The untrained describe the psychometric behavioural assessment as a test. There are no right or wrong answers, but it will give you indicators of the person’s preferred behaviours and allows you to decide whether they suit the definition of the job. If the job allows them to behave in, for them, a natural way, then they will cope more effectively with the demands of their job on that cold, wet Monday morning in the future.

About the Author: Mike Edwards is an Associate of The McQuaig Psychometric System (brought to you by Holst). To contact Mike email him at or find him on Linkedin.

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