Pineapple beer and hiring the wrong people


Belgians are unique. Being in Brugges recently reminded me of the immense time and effort shopkeepers take when packaging their goods. You  will find examples in everything from shop windows to beautifully packaged chocolates to every beer having its own unique glass. Remarkable, when there are over 400 on offer.

Packaging sells the product and the Belgians are experts. I have no idea whether the chocolates are going be silky smooth or if the pineapple beer will taste like factor-30 sun block. But that doesn’t concern me because I’ve already made a gut decision based on what I can see.

Candidates are getting much, much better at branding themselves. From CV templates to interview practice, the polished candidate will know how to position themselves as irresistible. Their past experience and appearance will get them so far, but it only takes in to account Level’s 1 & 2.

Understand a candidate by taking an objective measure of:

  1. Can they do the job
  2. Will they do the job
  3. Will they do the job for you

A good psychometric test will increase your ability to see past the packaging of the prepared candidate. Reduce the (huge financial) risk of employing the wrong person and make sure you completely understand a candidate before taking them on.

Remember, people hire based on Level’s 1 & 2. They fire based on Level 3.