Management and Personal Development


Effective people are the drivers of a successful company and effectual recruitment practices are essential to ensure that the most effective people are hired BUT that is not enough.

Hiring the right person for the job is the first step but unless you have the means to manage, motivate and develop your people you will still not get the performance you need. Recent statistics have confirmed that it is the management of your people that decides whether they stay or leave, perform or allow their talents to be wasted.

The induction of new employees is the first step to ensuring they settle into their new company and can begin to contribute at the earliest moment. Too often we ignore the individual needs of the new people and expect them all to be comfortable with one style of introduction and learning. We all have individual needs and while we cannot design induction courses to suit every separate need we can ensure that we group people in a way that suits them. This is the first step and The McQuaig System’s Learning and Development Report and McQuaig Mental Agility Test (formerly McQuaig Occupational Test) can give clear guidelines as to the style and speed with which each person feels most comfortable.

Then we have to ensure that we continue to manage in a way which will ensure maximum performance. This requires leadership, motivation, coaching and an opportunity for each person to develop in a way which suits them and meets both their and the company’s goals. To do this effectively a manager needs to know the person and their preferred
behaviours. To achieve this without help can take some time as managers have a busy and demanding schedule.

The McQuaig System can shorten this learning period for managers and provide specific advice on the best ways to both motivate and coach their staff.

The Management Overview provides a one page reminder for the manager to keep in their top right hand desk drawer which is always to hand to ensure the methods used for coaching, motivating , etc. are the most effective for the employee.

In more detail reports on the motivators which drive the person and strategies for using this knowledge are also available. This report identifies the person’s motivators and is followed by a report which suggests the best way to reach the motivators and use them to ensure best performance. Equally important the ways to demotivate are listed which enables them to be avoided.

Finally a Team Report which shows the assets a person will bring to a team and suggests ways to coach them to improve their contribution.

Well managed and motivated people, allowed to develop to their potential, not only add that essential extra to the performance of a company but they tend to find the satisfaction from their jobs which means they stay with you longer.

The cheapest way to recruit is to retain your best people, other companies want them, make sure you are helping them to develop and achieve with you and not your competitors.
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