Level playing field

The CIPD‘s annual Recruitment, Retention and Turnover Survey (2008) reports a number of key findings.

“Appointing people who have the potential to grow but who currently don’t have all that’s required is the most frequently used initiative to overcome difficulties”. Three quarters of respondents said this was their biggest challenge.

Some candidates seem attractive because they come across well in the interview, have leadership qualities or are particularly articulate.

On the other hand, candidates who don’t have the skills necessary have the potential to grow can be equally as attractive if you can see through the interview-charm.

A way of ‘levelling the playing field’ is understanding the behavioural requirements of the role and finding the best match from your pool of candidates.

This will take you away from focussing on what is missing from a candidate to what they are naturally good at and how you can develop their strengths.

You get a better fit to the role, quicker onboarding and a better return on your people investment.