Leadership step 1: Self-Awareness

Understanding who and what you are, what are your natural likes and dislikes are. Understanding your core temperament and how you respond to others is a critical bedrock for the development of Emotional Intelligence. This process requires the use of suitable assessment tools to create objectivity, and feedback from those around you in order to clarify and validate this evolving self-image.

The major challenge in dealing with this new self awareness is overcoming the threats and insecurities it can bring to the surface. The dismantling of a once comfortable self image and replacing it with a more realistic and valid “warts and all” is part of developing that toughness and resilience in a Leader.

The role of the coach at this time is to reassure the individual. It is important not to focus on the negative and to view their strengths as special. The negatives can be dealt with in a structured fashion over time.
One step at a time. Building the confidence to deal realistically with the hurdles that lie ahead is a major weakness of course led leadership development.