Keep Calm and Carry On

From guest contributor Roger HB Davies, CEO of McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc and author of Mastering Communications—12 secrets to fast, clear, persuasive communications.

In 1939, with war inevitable, the British government commissioned a series of morale-boosting posters. One included the slogan: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Now a British company has reprinted the slogan on posters, t-shirts, etc., to match the tone for our challenging times. And the slogan is resonating globally.

Yes, Keep Calm and Carry On. It says it all really.

We see events that are outside our control. We can’t change the big things. But we can change our own lives and not buy into the big chill. Why worry? It will all work out. Every recession comes to an end. We know that. So rather than buying into this doom and gloom how about reflecting on the positives in our lives?

Most of us have our health. Most have jobs. We all have friends, family. The important things haven’t changed. We have roofs over our heads. We are not starving. We live in a marvelous country. If you’re in doubt, compare our lot with countries in Africa, the Middle East. You know that.

Compared to many, we drink safe water, eat safe food. We have freedom of expression. Tolerance. Diversity.

And we are all in this together. We will all come out of this together. In the meantime you can remain optimistic about the future. Sure, it may get rougher still. But we can all live our lives.

How about remaining optimistic through the following:

1.Do your job to the best of your ability. It may not be the perfect job, but good people get noticed.

2.Make yourself indispensable. Do your job but watch for opportunities to help your company save money, make money.

3.Muck in and get the job done whatever that means. Be flexible. The world is changing. We know that. If you can change and adapt, you will thrive.

4.Say “Good Morning”, Say “Goodnight”. Interact with your colleagues. Be friendly, sociable. Life isn’t so bad.

5.Select a day when you don’t watch or read about the news. Take a day away from the Internet. Cut yourself free of the negativity. Stay unconnected. Take time for yourself.

6.And of course: Keep Calm and Carry On.