Inducting tips in a recession…

The first 90 days of an employee’s tenure are the most important – but does this change in a recession?

It turns out that they are even more important in downturn – there is more talent out there to pick from but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay with your organisation. Recruitment specialists are scrapping for every role and headhunting has now become ‘the norm’.

A robust and planned induction process is a must-have for any organisation that is serious about their staff. The ASTD suggests the following 6 key-stones when onboarding:

  1. Schedule their first day when the boss is in the office
  2. Have their workstations ready for when they arrive
  3. Give new employees the lay-of-the-land – early
  4. Be honest about the  organisation, line manager and culture
  5. Schedule training for the first few weeks
  6. Check in regularly with then over the first weeks, months and beyond

An additional tip from psychometric perspective is give the line manager a simple list of ‘how to’ and ‘how not to’¬†manage their new team member.

This will give them a running start and increase the chances of that ever so important manager-employee relationship working.