Self-Development – how to achieve your career goals

Development doesn’t happen by magic. You need to be proactive to develop your skills. This will help you to achieve your career goals. Try our step by step guide that will assist.


Step one: Know who you really are.

The McQuaig Psychometric System helps match personality types with behaviour. Complete the McQuaig Self-Development Survey to gain your no-holds-barred behavioural profile. This will help you see where your skills best lie. Armed with this information you will fare better when faced with interviews and promotions. You can also become more aware of development areas to address.

Step two: Understand how your traits add value.

The McQuaig Self-Development Survey will help you to identify this across four facets of personality. It will see to what degree you are either competitive with others or accommodating and prefer team work. It will help pick out if you are sociable and make decisions based on others feelings, or analytical, focusing on facts. It looks at whether you are patient and steady or restless and change-driven. It also assesses your preference for structure or independence. How does that help you offer what employers need? Figure it out and you’ll be one step closer.

Step three: Find ways to sell yourself.

Learn to tell your personal leadership story. Find examples of when you have shown the skills needed. Put yourself forward when chances arise that will allow you to show off your skills or develop new ones.

Take these steps along the pathway towards self-development and you will soon start to see the difference.

[more-info]Download here: How to Tell Your True Leadership Story[/more-info]

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