Hidden Traits that Shape Success

These are the six characteristics to look out for. They are the inner hidden traits that make people successful in their work.

1 Positive Attitudes.

  • The ability to say yes.
  • To expect success.
  • To believe in oneself.
  • To look for the best in situations & people.

2 Internal Motivation.

  • Top capacity for work.
  • The drive to work under pressure.
  • The desire to break down barriers & get results.
  • The willingness to try.

3 Persistence & Determination.

  • The will to never quit.
  • To keep trying when others give up.
  • To stick with an assignment until the job is complete.

4 Mature Character.

  • The willingness to consider others & be flexible.
  • Reliability.
  • Realistic thinking.
  • Self-control.
  • Foresight.
  • The ability to take responsibility for mistakes.
  • Good judgement.

5 Aptitudes & Intelligence.

  • The specific aptitude for the specific job.
  • Intelligence, that general quality which determines the ability of each individual to learn quickly & think fast.

6 The Right Temperament.

  • For management – drive, sociability, competitiveness, determination.
  • For individual contributors – the ability to take direction, to work as part of a team, patience, analytical skills, detail orientation.

Text taken from: How to interview and hire productive people, by Jack, Peter & Don McQuaig.

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