Get the right people in the right roles for 2011

Whether your organisation is growing, re-organising or planning for redundancies, 2011 will be a key year for all businesses in the UK.

Ensure you have the right people in the right roles be asking three questions in 2011:

  1. What type of person works best in each role?
  2. Do we have staff that may perform better in a different role?
  3. Do we have a good succession plan?

Every organisation has a unique culture based on its environment, management style & workforce demographic. Consequently, some people fit in better than others. Most of this has to do with the natural behaviours that can be defined for each role.

Look around the organisation – are their people who will perform better in a different role? You may have under performing staff that are not being used to their full potential.

What are the strategic objectives of the organisation? Your recruitment processes should include points to identify high-potentials – not just for now but future needs.

1,000’s of businesses within the UK trust psychometric assessment to help them answer the 3 questions above. It provides an objective measure and supports line managers to recruit, manage and develop their staff for success.