Get the most from your salespeople – free booklet

If you are like most organisations you will have been crouching in the corner watching, waiting and building up your energy for the upturn.

Sure, you can chase and fight for every scrap of business out there or you can use your energy to make the most of the undoubted opportunity that’s round the corner.

So what should you be doing for your sales team at the moment? Here’s three ideas:

  1. Make sure they are in the right type of sales – are you selling small-value widgets or large, complex machinery. Download a free helpsheet.
  2. Help them develop better buyer relationship. The best sales book I’ve read – Smarter Selling.
  3. Reduce distractions like paperwork – true business developers hate paperwork so don’t make them do it. Let them concentrate on what they are good at and find a way to reduce admin to an absolute minimum.
Many clients ask us where to find great salespeople. It’s easy – identify your top producers, measure their behaviours and build a benchmark to use at recruitment stage.