“But who on earth will want to employ me?” …

“But who on earth will want to employ me?” …

… was what I exclaimed to Emma, an undergraduate psychologist and fellow Mother, in the school car park after drop-off one morning shortly after the beginning of term. “Don’t worry,” came her rather nervous reply, “someone will.”

Not much of a vote of confidence, but then just a couple of days later on the back page of the local Henley Standard was the small lineage advert, perhaps intentionally designed for eagle eyes and within a week I had a job! Me! Yes, me. I had a job. And I think, all thanks to McQuaig.

Appear To:

I like to think I’m well-presented and articulate, of course I have days where my tongue is tied and I look like I got dressed in the dark – who doesn’t? (except maybe K-Mid perhaps).

Can Do:

Well, the job description listed, amongst other tasks, answering the telephones and light cleaning. Both I can do (especially if the emphasis is on ‘light’).

But it’s the ‘Will Do’ that is most important here. Whether I match the needs and profile of the role and that’s where McQuaig comes into its own. I don’t have a track record in this kind of job. Househunting and lease negotiation – oh yes! Give me a brief and a client and off we go, but what else will I be good for? Do I have the attitudes and behaviours that are required? Will I be motivated without continual management and can I learn new processes quickly? Not such an easy thing to determine in a twenty-minute interview.

This is where my profile and that of the Client Support Specialist need to match. And they do. And that must be why Iain Chalmers has taken a punt.

Note from Holst: And we are very pleased you found us!

Catherine Hordern is a Client Support Specialist here at Holst (distributors of the McQuaig Psychometric System).

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