Are you ‘subjected’ to psychometric tests?

You may have seen the recent FT story about ITV bosses being ‘subjected’ to psychometric tests. The reason they were being assessed? The new chairman called the company a ‘shambles’ when he took over.

The media say people are ‘subjected to’ testing, even though the business case for testing is clear. Thousands of organisations in UK use psychometric testing and their candidates are actually better off.

A CV is the ‘edited highlights of a persons career to-date’ and most interviews are un-structured. This leads to an organisation’s single biggest investment (it’s people) left to chance.

Organisations use psychometric testing to bolster their interview process, create better teams and develop based on strengths, not weaknesses.

Candidates shouldn’t be afraid of assessment. The goal from both sides is natural fit to the role. If an individual is able to utilise what comes naturally to them, they will be happier in the role and the employer will generate better performance.

Far from using assessment to rule candidates out, thriving organisations use psychometric assessment to find the perfect candidate and increase the chances of success in the role.

When the media start to look at how employers and candidates benefit from assessment they may just find the right story…