3 ways to hire the perfect candidate

Traditionally, organisations have taken on new staff by using a three-step method:

  1. Evaluate the CV
  2. Interview
  3. ‘Gut feel’ about the candidate

This can be right but more often than not, leads to taking on a new member of staff based on their appearance, hand shake and the ‘editied highlights of their career so far’, otherwise known as a CV.

So how can you reduce your risk and refine the interview process to find the ‘perfect candidate‘?

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Reduce the risk of employing the wrong person by understanding the 3 Levels of Appraisal:

  1. Don’t make your decision on the candidate handshake or is they are wearing white socks with a dark suit. Research shows we make first impressions within 3 seconds of meeting someone but these factors can’t predict the future performance in your organisation?
  2. Don’t take for granted what they say on their CV. Remember, these are edited highlights of their career so far so probe in to how they performed in their past roles, not what the role was.
  3. Get an objective look at the candidate by using a psychometric test online. A good test will give you questions to draw out examples of past performance and bypass the standard answers a candidate will have prepared in advance.

Most organisations will hire based on Levels 1 & 2 and fire on 3. If you can get all three Levels right, you’re on your way to hiring the perfect candidate.

If you have experience of using all three Levels to make a hire, leave a comment below.