3 steps to introduce Psychometric Testing into your organisation

Psychometric Testing can sometimes seem like a complex world – a pseudo psychology that demands years of experience and weeks of training. But this isn’t the case. Here are three simple steps to introduce psychometric testing into your company:

1.    Identify the quick wins
2.    Plan to train the appropriate people
3.    Demystify the process

Identify the quick wins

What type of culture does your organisation have – family, autocratic, organic? How open will staff members be towards testing and is there a perceived need?

Psychometric testing is used in three critical areas – recruiting, managing & developing. Where is the biggest area of opportunity and are there ‘early adopters’ that will become champions down the line?

Plan to train the appropriate people

There are three types of groups that interact with psychometric testing – HR, line managers & admin staff.

These groups need different levels of training. HR needs to understand, support and strategically plan how their organisation will use testing. Line managers need a hands-on understanding of how to interpret and use the reports. Administrators need the technical knowledge to set-up individuals, receive reports and generate team overviews.

Demystify the process

Be completely open and transparent about the reasons for implementing testing within your organisation. Helen Rust, Head of L & D at Caffe Nero says, “We let use grow organically and people’s own enthusiasm made it a success.”

Offer anyone the opportunity to try it for hemselves. Often it will be the first time they have ‘seen themselves on a piece of paper’. Find the champions within your organisation and offer them training – this will create the support network that is crucial to success.

Above all, psychometric testing should be seen positively. People like learning about themselves and if you identify the areas of opportunity, train the right people and demystify the process, implementation will be a success.