3 Step Interviewer’s Checklist

This easy-to-use checklist is taken from the Job Fit (Interview Guide) by The McQuaig Psychometric System™

1. Before the Interview
•  Review job requirements, the candidate’s resume and psychometric profile (the McQuaig Word Survey®)
•  Telephone screen the candidate to clarify skills and fit.
•  Review the interview questions and get an understanding of what to expect in the responses.

2. Interview Structure (1 hour interview)
•  First 5 Minutes: Offer a refreshment, develop rapport; make the candidate feel comfortable, discuss areas of common interest.
•  Next 5 Minutes: Inform candidate of interview structure; provide a brief overview of your company and the role but do not describe specific qualities that you seek in the ideal candidate.
•  Next 40 minutes: Candidate provides information about job history. If the candidate has questions, defer to the end of the interview.
•  Final 10+ minutes: Candidate asks questions. Discuss the great opportunity that your company provides, but also make them aware of the possible challenges the successful candidate may face.

3. After the Interview
•  Review your notes, add detail, score responses and make a recommendation.
•  In most countries, human rights or equal opportunity legislation makes it unlawful to ask or record anything that would indicate the candidate’s age, sex, marital or family status, etc.

Download the Interviewer’s Checklist

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