How to filter job applications – free guide

In a downturn employers can get deluged with applications for vacant positions – so you need to make sure that only the right people apply by using various techniques.

In the past, the wide availability of jobs meant that people have tended not to apply for positions that they were ill-suited to, not interested in or that they deemed to be poorly paid.

Now, in a recession, we are finding employers get deluged with applications for senior or specialist positions that would usually only attract a manageable number of applicants.

To counter this, you may need to adapt your approaches to recruiting experienced people. One of Holst’s Consulting Partners, Ian Shaw & Associates, has listed below some key developments to watch out for:

  1. Have clear job descriptions and role profiles
  2. Advertise in specialist press/media
  3. Prevent speculative email applications
  4. Brush up the skills of all interviewers
  5. Redeploy resources to the areas with the greatest need