Tips to motivate your people

Tips to motivate your people

    1. Get to know your people as individuals.
    2. Get to know what interests them and motivates them.
    3. Provide them with increasingly more challenging opportunities, but watch for overload.
    4. Analyse their strengths and development areas. Ensure they have the opportunities to use their strengths, and that development areas are recognised and effectively managed.
    5. Coach and guide them. Ensure they have the chance to ‘learn’ from experiences, colleagues and role models who have the strengths they lack.
    6. Give immediate recognition for a job well done, as well as at the formal review session. Say ‘thank you’ and mean it!
    7. Publicise an individual’s good work. Tell your colleagues, bosses and other staff how well your team is doing.
    8. Ensure team members get the rewards they deserve (salary, bonus, promotion, perks, peer/company recognition).
    9. Delegate more of your work especially those parts that are interesting, or exciting. This will give you more time to concentrate on the team and the individual, let the team get on with the task!!
    10. Involve the team in decision-making. Seek their views; Consult them on the advisability, viability, and practicality of any potential change/idea.
    11. Encourage ideas and solutions from the individual. After all they are DOING the job, and are probably closer to the actions and the clients/customer needs.
    12. Share information. The grapevine will always distribute the news anyway.
    13. Get them involved with the budget and target setting for the unit.
    14. Support them in resolving difficult situations with other parts of the organisation if their case merits it.
    15. Do what you can to ensure that the right conditions exist to enable them to work effectively, and perhaps even happily!!

About the Author: Dave Stent is an Associate of The McQuaig Psychometric System (brought to you by Holst). To contact Dave email him at or find him here on Linkedin 

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