Refresh your skills with free Accredited McQuaig Interpreter Refresher training

Who should attend an Accredited McQuaig Interpreter Refresher?

All Accredited McQuaig Interpreters can attend any Level 2 training for free as a refresher. You can attend as many Level 2 training courses as you like.

Choose your Level 2 course here. Remember to write ‘Refresher’ in the comments box.

We want to make sure you keep up-to-date with your interpretation skills and this is the best way to do so.

Course objectives:

What you will learn in an Accredited McQuaig Interpreter Refresher:

What to expect:

You will join delegates from other companies at your course which will be a Level 2 McQuaig Accredited Interpreter. Some will be learning for the first time, some will be refreshing their knowledge, like you.

The course is very interactive and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to discuss profiles with other delegates. You will focus on examples from the group and you will be able to share your experience as well as rejuvenate your interpretation skills.

A certified McQuaig Trainer will help you jog your memory in some of the areas that you may have forgotten. Your bound workbook contains cards you can keep in your desk or notepad to help you remember the steps to give feedback and interpret.

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