Would Psychometric Assessments Support those in Government?

Before going any further, let me stress that this is not a blog highlighting our political views or intentions for next week’s General Election – but more of a “what if?”

By the end of next week we could be waking up to a hung parliament, but what would be the outcome from a personnel perspective and how would the “teams” be supported?  I wonder if anyone has actually stopped to think about how such a scenario could affect the aptitudes of those serving in Government.

Successful teams always have a good mix of people with the right skills, abilities and temperament. If a hung parliament is the outcome next week it is unlikely that the ‘best person for the job’ will be chosen based on the above criteria.

Politics will cloud the selection process and, just like many organisations, the successful candidate will be selected based on their CV alone.

During the recent recession, the private sector invested heavily in supporting their teams through employee assessments to identify employees’ skills and more importantly, aptitudes that were not being utilised.  This obviously had a two-fold benefit: 1) greater efficiencies for the company 2) increasing the career prospects for those undertaking the assessments.

There are many articles being written at present about how the Government and public sector will need to undergo cuts no matter who is voted in next week. A decent psychometric system could support a government that is facing the personnel issues that could arise with a hung parliament.