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Find out why thousands of companies trust McQuaig to make better hiring decisions and develop people to their full potential with the McQuaig Psychometric System.

A trial is the best way to learn about psychometric assessment. If you are new to psychometrics, or looking to engage your organisation using McQuaig, one of our friendly consultants will guide you through this process.

“Our McQuaig package has paid for itself. We would have made four bad-hires in the last 2 months had it not been for the McQuaig reports”

Stephen Hodgson,

Director, Asteral Health

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We follow the British Psychological Society’s best practice guidance. You will be provided a full feedback session from a qualified consultant with every trial. You can be confident that all questions will be answered and full interpretation of your behavioural profile.

* Please Note: Demos and free trials are not for personal use. All requests must have a valid business email (no Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and company name.

We are unable to assign a sample survey to a candidate who has already been assigned a survey by a McQuaig client.

Candidates – If you have been asked to complete a McQuaig Word Survey® you shouldn’t complete a trial assessment. Taking multiple assessments close together may affect the results.