Take your journey to the next level with McQuaig Trainer Certification training.

What is McQuaig Trainer Certification?

Certified McQuaig trainers train users of McQuaig in:

Level 1 McQuaig Certificate

Train new users in McQuaig. Your participants will be able to use the tool effectively and efficiently. They will leave your workshop with a sound understanding of how to appropriately adminster the system and how to interpret the results at an introductory level.

Level 2 Accredited McQuaig Interpreter

You will train your Accredited McQuaig Interpreter participants to a higher level of interpretation. Delegates will leave your session able to confidently interpret challenging real-life profiles.

View McQuaig Trainer Certification course dates here.

Who should attend a McQuaig Trainer Certification course?

Certified McQuaig trainers fall into two categories:

In-house Trainers

Larger organisations quickly see the benefit of in-house trainers. They can swiftly scale McQuaig and  be immediately available to guide users. They can make sure the organisation is making the most of their investment in  McQuaig. In-house trainers provide the ultimate in cost efficiency where there is a high number of users.

Independant Trainers

We’re always on the look out for talented trainers to join our network. If you have experience of psychometrics and want to add to your training portfolio, talk to us about McQuaig Trainer Certification.

The Process

Our fast-track McQuaig Trainer Certification process gets trainers up and running very quickly.

Training takes place over two non-consecutive days.  Your first day of training covers Level 1  McQuaig Certificate content. Day two covers Level 2 Accredited Interpreter content.

We offer unparalleled expertise in ‘train the trainer’ programmes because of our extensive experience in trainer certification. The aim is to get new McQuaig trainers prepared and able to add value to their organisations fast.

The McQuaig Trainer Certification course is a qualification issued in conjunction with The McQuaig Institute.

Pre-course requirements