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When we fail to select the most effective person and they under perform, the lost opportunity costs to the company are difficult to assess. But poorly performing sales people or ineffective managers are an expensive luxury to any organisation. Here’s how psychometric testing saves time and money.

Psychometric testing - Save time and money with the McQuaig Psychometric System

Psychometric testing

The inability to retain staff has a real and measurable cost. It is widely accepted that it costs at least £8,000 to recruit a new person and all the time, that “lost opportunity” cost is hitting the bottom profit line. 

One of the problems we face is that although a CV is a good indicator of whether a person has the experience and ability to be successful in a job the past, it is not a reliable indicator of future success. That’s where the McQuaig Psychometric System gives any hiring manager or recruiter the tools they need to understand the whole person. It gives them the the right questions to ask at interview.

Once the “what they have done in the past” is established, the important interview questions are how they went about doing it and then why they thought it was the best way. By probing deeply you can predict the way they will work for you in the future and decide whether it is right for your company and style.

All too often we appoint on appearance and fire on behaviours. Most new recruits who fail in the first six months, fail not for skills-based reasons but because of their behaviour on the job.

Want to know more? Psychometric assessment goes beyond first impressions.

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