Our Pay As You Go package is the ideal solution for a range of different situations.

Maybe you work for a small business where flexibility is critical. Perhaps you only recruit a very small number each year. Pay As You Go will suit you as you can start with batches of just 5 assessments.

You may be a team leader looking for how psychometric assessment can help with team development. Pay As You Go will work as we can create a bespoke package with, or without, training.

Many new businesses have used McQuaig because their entrepreneurial leader has realised that the right people are going to help them achieve success in the shortest time possible. Pay As You Go will be right for these businesses too.

With McQuaig Pay As You Go you only pay per use. This gives you the flexibility to handle a few candidates at a time and includes unlimited support and guidance from our team and network of Consulting Partners.

Pay as You Go is perfect for ad-hoc test use:

  • Purchase small batches of ‘uses’ (minimum 5)
  • No maximum
  • No time limits

Batches start in blocks of 5 and get more economical the larger batch you require. You will be best to plan ahead and look at any upcoming recruitment, development or appraisals that may benefit from psychometric assessment.

There are no maximum numbers of uses you can purchase via the Pay As You Go route. Typically organisations find that once you go past a certain number of uses then Unlimited Access or Unlimited Access+ become a better option.

There are no time limits with Pay As You Go. This means you can hold onto any unused assessments until you need them again in the future.