Leadership Development For The Twenty First Century

Leadership in the twenty first century must appear to be an unenviable role. With continued uncertainty remaining in our economy those in the driving seat are weathering a prolonged storm.

As an economy, it is clear that we need to identify more entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, specialists and team players who know their capabilities and what they need to do to enhance their effectiveness – this is exactly where psychometric systems such as The McQuaig System can add real value when used as a development tool.

Change within an organisation has to result in a more efficient way of running a business and this has to be positively embraced across all levels of a company in order to be truly successful.  When used as a development tool the psychometric assessments element of the McQuaig System, the Self Development Tool, can lead to managers and their teams identifying new strengths.

For those in managerial roles, this can enable and empower them to gain greater confidence and address issues with greater clarity and cohesion through tough times.  Such a transition and development can only be of benefit to a workforce as a whole.

Competence without confidence can lead to under achievement, while confidence without competence can be a complete disaster.  Self-confident people are able to inspire confidence whilst standing firm when making tough decisions.

Thanks to successful psychometric programmes, those who have utilised this as a development tool will have also appreciated the commercial Return on Investment from fast tracking a new team member within a dynamic and diverse team, to arming a sales force to cope with tough sales negotiation behaviours – and how to overcome this.

Personnel development and training is the fundamental to any organisation, as one of our Associates recently stated in an email, “Successful organisations are made up of successful people.”